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Welcome in HeHo country

HeHo Helmut Hofmann is here in HeHo-Land at home. And in my country I will gradually settle the most different "things" as which I am convinced that they are good or also interesting and I hope that all who visit HeHo-Land, can profit from it.

Again since february, 2002:

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Young crowd-summer leisure
Altenau in 1999 - in 2002

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Young crowd leisure

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From my basic conviction here, I am an Evangelic Christian. 'Evangelic' is important to me, because it of the Gospel from which good news comes. And this good news has to do with the good God of the Bible who wants to help his(its) people(persons) to discover life and to unfold.

Therefore I am in an honorary capacity (e.g., 2. Chairperson or young crowd (Jungschar)) in the country-religious community Verden Landeskirchliche Gemeinschaft Verden (in the Hanoverian community group (Hannoverscher Gemeinschaftsverband)) actively which belongs to the Ev.Gnadauer community group (Ev.Gnadauer Gemeinschaftsverband), a European-wide movement in the Evangelic church.

Perhaps we can get into conversation. For the first time by email. Or sends a greeting or comment.

 Here I already settle the first. A lecture which has it in itself. Simply well! If you want to know, why " the will of God " something in order to draw a deep breath is, then clicks on start.
A small canapé:... If I say, we must recognize the will of God, it is to me first about the fact that we must not advise. God does not want that we count his(its) will on buttons: " I Should, I should not? Yes, - oh a button lacks there. Now countI count or I jump over that? " -
God does not want this. We must not advise concerning the will of God. We also do not need to beg: " O, please! O, God, please shows me your will, please! " We do not need this. This is not necessary. This does not stand in the Bible. I do not know where this comes, likely from the hell. It does not come from God. Of this Bitteln and begging and whining and Flehen and wines that we crawl on the belly, as if God did not want to show us his(its) will. As if he stands like a dictator up there in heaven and says: " You do not whine yet enough. Now I want first of all long how you curve even more like a worm. And possibly I show it to you. " This does not do God. God is a father. God is good...

Canapés listen as Sun file (approx. 0.52 MB); when MP3 file (approx. 0.13 MB) listen.

 The EC group from Niedersachsen executes every summer young crowd leisure (Jungschar). Besides, on the leisure in the EC home in Altenau/Harz resin I am. About that point there is info about the corresponding links.

Fetzige choir work with Johannes Grosse - Sonlight, the unique choir in the north. Interest?!

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